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Quotes Robert Huston to Gary, me show details 4:16 PM (19 hours ago) Gary: I wanted you to see photographs of the three USFA hammers I had color case hardened by Classic Guns, Inc. in Illinois, after they were installed in the revolvers. The three USFA revolvers are a Cowboy Sheriff model, a Rodeo model and a Single Action model. The side photographs of the Single Action hammer do not show the full colors of the hammer; it is more beautiful than the photographs. I have fired at least 100 rounds in each of the three revolvers after refinishing the hammers. As you can see, there are no drag marks at all on the sides, showing the great job that Classic Guns did with the color case hardening process, not only with the appearance but also from a dimension stability standpoint. These hammers are as flat as a polished and honed granite slab. Thank you again. Very best regards, Robert Huston Las Vegas, Nevada Quotes
Robert Huston

Quotes I have three firearms that have been color case-hardened by CGI. The finish is the best I have seen with beautiful colors. The turnaround was the fastest I have experienced. I have referred several of my friends looking for first class refinishing to John. Quotes
Larry Davis

Quotes "The gun was reassembled with great care, because the refinished parts were nothing less than spectacular. The case-hardening had the beautiful mottled colors that defined the pre-war Colts and the (Carbona) blue that lustrous dark color that cannot be duplicated by today's dip-and-dunk processes." Quotes
Charles E. Petty