Deer hunting has been a popular sport in many parts of the word. With the deer season fast approaching in the US, it is almost time to gear up, head out and get some bucks. But some of you might be just starting out in the game. Hence, in this article, we’ll be showing you some rifles that you can get for less than $1000.

Remington 783 Walnut

Remington has been making firearms since 1816, and it is no coincidence that the 783 is being discussed first as this must be your go-to choice of the season if you’re looking for a new rifle. Hunters that are in awe of the wood and steel feel will immediately find themselves at home with the walnut-stocked version.

The rifle is excellent for newcomers as it has an easily detachable magazine and stock, factory-made scope as an add-on on for just a few bucks. The Remington 783 is currently priced at around $500.

XPR Hunter

The Winchester Repeating Arms, although a company that has undergone multiple ownership changes, continue to produce beautiful hardware. The XPR Hunter comes with a solid carbon steel MOA trigger, highly polished, highly durable. Although not very rangy, the .243 does the job as good as any other cartridge for deer hunting.

What set this rifle apart from all the other is the 60 degree bolt throw, combine this with the mounted recoil lug that comes with the rifle, and you’ll find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford to say no. The Mountain Hunter Country Range is currently priced at $540.

Ruger American Ranch 450 Bushmaster

Although a budget rifle, hunters from the eastern side will have a particular affection towards the 450 Bushmaster. The rifle is a bit heavy, around 5.5 pounds. But the features that this gun offers are second to none; a butt pad that’s effective, the Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger system, and a preinstalled aluminium scope.You can get a .450 Bushmaster for just $430.

Howa Kuiu

Known traditionally for manufacturing military firearms all around the world, their line of game rifles cannot be ignored. The Kuiu is about 41 inches wide and 7-8 pounds heavy. What’s attractive about the rifle is the number of cartridges that he Kuiu is offered in; .204 Ruger, .338 Winchester Magnum and the 6.5 Creedmoor.

The rifle can cost you a pretty penny, around $680. But rest assured, it’ll be worth every dollar because of its deadly combination of beauty and accuracy.


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