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Affordable Deer Rifles: 10 Options For Less Than a Grand

Deer hunting has been a popular sport in many parts of the word. With the deer season fast approaching in the US, it is almost time to gear up, head out and get some bucks. But some of you might be just starting out in the game. Hence, in this article, we’ll be showing you some rifles that you can get for less than $1000.

Remington 783 Walnut

Remington has been making firearms since 1816, and it is no coincidence that the 783 is being discussed first as this must be your go-to choice of the season if you’re looking for a new rifle. Hunters that are in awe of the wood and steel feel will immediately find themselves at home with the walnut-stocked version.

The rifle is excellent for newcomers as it has an easily detachable magazine and stock, factory-made scope as an add-on on for just a few bucks. The Remington 783 is currently priced at around $500.

XPR Hunter

The Winchester Repeating Arms, although a company that has undergone multiple ownership changes, continue to produce beautiful hardware. The XPR Hunter comes with a solid carbon steel MOA trigger, highly polished, highly durable. Although not very rangy, the .243 does the job as good as any other cartridge for deer hunting.

What set this rifle apart from all the other is the 60 degree bolt throw, combine this with the mounted recoil lug that comes with the rifle, and you’ll find yourself in a situation where you cannot afford to say no. The Mountain Hunter Country Range is currently priced at $540.

Ruger American Ranch 450 Bushmaster

Although a budget rifle, hunters from the eastern side will have a particular affection towards the 450 Bushmaster. The rifle is a bit heavy, around 5.5 pounds. But the features that this gun offers are second to none; a butt pad that’s effective, the Ruger Marksman Adjustable Trigger system, and a preinstalled aluminium scope.You can get a .450 Bushmaster for just $430.

Howa Kuiu

Known traditionally for manufacturing military firearms all around the world, their line of game rifles cannot be ignored. The Kuiu is about 41 inches wide and 7-8 pounds heavy. What’s attractive about the rifle is the number of cartridges that he Kuiu is offered in; .204 Ruger, .338 Winchester Magnum and the 6.5 Creedmoor.

The rifle can cost you a pretty penny, around $680. But rest assured, it’ll be worth every dollar because of its deadly combination of beauty and accuracy.

Things you should know before you handle a gun

Guns are something which needs to be handled with care. The slightest mistakes can bring about huge destruction, and you cannot do anything about the accident after it has happened. There are many things which you should know before you start handling a guy and you should always remember that guns are to be handled with care and the slightest carelessness will cause huge destructions. We have compiled a list of things you should know before you handle a gun:

Always keep the gun pointed in a safe direction:

One of the most basic rules is to keep the gun pointed in a safe direction. You will probably end up shooting something which you did not intend to shoot. You need to remember this point when you are loading and unloading the gun. If at all there is an accidental discharge while you are loading and unloading the gun, you will not end up hurting anyone as you have placed your gun in a safe direction. By safe direction, it means that you should point the gun in such a way that it does not hurt anyone.


Unload your guns when you are not using it:

It is always a safe thing to unload your guns when you are not using the gun. It should be loaded only when you are in the field ready to shoot your target. When you are not using the firearm, you need to make sure that it is unloaded and kept in a safe place which is out of reach of children. Also remember not to do any weird or awkward actions like climbing a tree, crossing a fence or similar things with your gun loaded. Never think that the gun is unloaded. You cannot assume anything when it comes to guns. Always check for yourself and see how things work.

Do not depend on the safety of the gun:

You need to treat every gun like it can fire anytime. Just because you have used the safety on the gun, it does not mean that the gun will not fire. The safety on the gun can be used, but you cannot fully rely on that. A gun can fire accident even if it is not touched, so you need to be extremely careful and handle the firearm with care.

Always wear eye and ear protection while shooting:

It is advised to wear eye and ear protection while shooting because you can damage your hearing as the sound is so loud. When you are exposed to loud shooting noise, you can damage your ears, and your vision will get damaged if you do not wear glasses to protect your eyes. So always remember to protect yourself before you handle the gun.

How to become a gun expert

So if you happen to be interested in guns, you need to know more about them. First of all, guns are something which can turn out to be very distrustful and thus you need to make sure to handle them with care and respect. It is not a toy with which you can play around. You can do either harm you or others if you are not careful in handling them. If you want to know how to handle guns you can enrol in gun schools where you can develop your knowledge and skills in handling guns. One should always remember that when you are handling guns, no one is an expert. Every teacher is still a learner, and there are always many things to learn. Most accidents happen with experts than it happens with novices and thus one should always be careful in dealing with guns.

The following are some of the steps in which you can become a gun expert.

Learn the basics:

Before starting, there are some basic things which you need to learn. These are very critical, and you need to make sure that you learn them right at the beginning. Without these basic rules, you must not handle a gun. Always remember that guns are not toys and there is no room for handling it like a plaything. Even an unloaded gun and fire, just because the gun has its ammo magazine removed it does not mean that the gun is not loaded. One can load the gun and then remove the magazine and still fire. So never assume that you can playfully pull the trigger of a gun whose ammo magazine is removed.

Never keep your finger on the trigger unless you are ready to shoot. You never know what will happen and thus you should never place your finger on the trigger. You need to remember always to keep your gun pointed in a safe direction so that you will not harm anyone by mistake. Make sure that you are not pointing your gun at someone or at something which you could destroy.

Always know your target:

While shooting at your target make sure that you know your target and what is there behind the target. Make sure that when you shoot your target, no one else gets injured or hurt. Some bullets are so powerful that it has the power to penetrate through various things and even if you had hit your target it could have the possibility to go beyond and hurt others.

Keep your guys away from children:

It is always a good thing to keep guns away from children. Children might not know the seriousness of this issue, and they should not be allowed to handle guns as it could lead to serious injuries.